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You at scale.

Seamlessly integrate your data and let us handle the rest. Monetising the perfect AI assistant has never been this effortless.

No data scientists required

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Monetise your knowledge

Strapped for time but brimming with expert knowledge? Wish you could reach more people? Allow us to introduce Omni.

Omni transforms your wealth of data – from Word docs and videos, to podcasts and spreadsheets – into a sophisticated AI assistant, tailor-made to replicate you.

Envision an AI interface that's your brand personified, ready to provide your customers with expert advice instantly. Our team works closely with you, ensuring the AI captures your business expertise.

We've helped dozens of clients create world-class systems that can do everything from answering complex questions, to authoring meticulous articles, to carefully crafting a comprehensive media buying strategy.

Ready for a thousand-fold expansion of your reach? Explore Omni today.

Interact 1:1

Omni can engage with countless individuals simultaneously, offering a unique one-on-one conversation that mirrors getting insights directly from you.

Your identity, amplified

We work with you to develop a personalised assistant that reflects your brand, personality, and values - and then infuse it with the data that makes your insights unique.

Monetise influence, not time

Give your audience near unlimited personal conversations with your AI assistant, opening up a new revenue stream that goes straight into your bank account.

See what people are saying about us

Adam Gornall image

Adam Gornall

CEO, Returning Warrior

"Within a week of having the first beta version of my AI platform I knew this would transform, scale and improve my coaching business. The feedback from past clients indicated that this would, at the very least, be a viable subscription based product."

Phill Jenkins image

Phill Jenkins

CEO, Phill Jenkins

"Ben and the team at Loopin have been fundamental in assisting me in creating a vision for my business development for the future. By using their technology to develop a personalised AI model that is trained on all of my coaching materials, to provide 24/7 global support for my clients in between coaching sessions"

Danny Fontaine image

Danny Fontaine

CEO, Pitch Masters

"Working alongside the Loopin Omni team to develop my AI tool has been an exhilarating journey in blending technology with human artistry. It will unlock a whole new experience for my listeners, and is a revolutionary to unlock revenue within the podcasting world."

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